Our Curriculum

The National Curriculum 2014

In 2014 a new and revised version of the National Curriculum became compulsory in all schools. At Clyst Heath we observed the changes carefully and ensured that we organised ourselves carefully in order to deliver the curriculum in a coherent and interesting way as well as ensuring that learning for all children is of the highest quality.

The mixed age classes at Clyst Heath are currently divided into four Learning Domains as follows:

  • Foundation Stage and Nursery
  • Years 1 and 2
  • Years 3 and 4
  • Years 5 and 6

These Domains are each led by a Senior Member of the Leadership Team with expert knowledge linked to the age groups of the children. It is in these Domains that curriculum planning takes place and where the staff can discuss the content, skills and knowledge which need to be delivered as well as having the opportunity to moderate the quality of outcome.

As a whole staff we have reviewed the content of the new curriculum 2014 and have divided it across the year groups appropriately in order to build a Learning Journey for individual children. This also ensures that repetition and/or duplication is avoided.

Ultimately we are looking to develop a broad curriculum which delivers a balance between the core subjects, (English, Maths and Science) and the rest including art, geography, history, music, Design Technology, RE, and PE. The most significant changes in the new curriculum 2014 have been in Maths, English and Computing where more advanced topics are to be taught at a younger age.

At Clyst Heath we want to ensure that our children have high levels of reading, writing, maths and computing in order that they can experience a new, rich and exciting curriculum across a range of interesting topics.


At Clyst Heath we have embraced the new national curriculum and used it for the foundations of our own school curriculum. To provide the children with an audience and purpose that is meaningful, each class has an over-arching story behind their year’s work. For example, this year the Reception children are helping 'Marvin', a time travelling story teller. They have written him letters (Literacy), counted his moon rocks (Numeracy), built him a new rocket (Understanding of the World) helped him to teach little Red Riding Hood to wash her hands (Personal Social Emotional Development).

The literacy part of our curriculum is delivered using a ‘story telling’ approach, based on 'Talk for Writing'. This allows the children to become immersed in texts, and to have the vocabulary and structure to write their own.

Please click the links below to read our Curriculum Overviews and Clyst Heath Assessment and Feedback Policy to see how we embed the Curriculum throughout our learning across the school.