Dear Parents/Carers

Following the turn of events and the breaking news daily. Further advice has been issued today Sunday 22nd March.

It clearly states the following:

You should only send your child to school on Monday if you have to, because your work is critical to our COVID-19 response.

If you are able to keep your child at home, you should.

  • #StayHomeSaveLives

NB: Keyworkers directly involved in frontline services for treating or supporting those or services to the public; both keyworker and EHCP children should only be in school if they need to be and if they can’t be at home, the exception to this is EHCP children with a named social worker.  To help you decide if you fall into this keyworker category I have attached the tiered response list that other schools are using in Devon to allocate spaces and keep everyone safe.

I must stress to you all that we are operating a skeleton staff here at Clyst Heath to support frontline services. Please re-evaluate your situation and, if possible, stay at home!

If you have any queries or would like to contact us regarding this childcare provision please email

Stay safe all,

Emma Bennett

Head of School


Places need to be limited to keep a provision at the correct scale to protect both staff and the children who attend.  If the provision is too large it negates any benefits of the social distancing measures the government has imposed and through associated contacts children and staff will be exposed to unacceptable risk.  This is not 'business as usual' and all medical advisers are clear that the safest place for children and families to be at present is at home with as little social contact as possible.  These childcare places are intended for families who have no other adult at home to look after children and who are immediately required in the response to this virus.  Thus, the first tier consists of frontline medical workers and emergency services where both parents are required to work or there is only one parent present.  Thank you to all our keyworkers for your commitment to our public services and I hope you can see the logic of this approach.


Tier 1 - will be allocated a place first where available

*       NHS frontline clinical staff or administrators (e.g. NHS 911 etc.) working directly with Coronavirus patients;

*       First responders (i.e. paramedics or those who support them)

*       Police officers and some civilian police staff (e.g. dispatchers);
*       Firefighters;
*       Those in NHS support services needed to keep hospitals and clinics running - e.g. hospital porters, full time hospital cleaners etc. (please explain when you e-mail us)
*        Teachers and other school staff

Tier 2 - will be allocated a place when all places are not used by Tier 1 parents (effectively first waiting list)
*        Other frontline NHS workers (e.g. midwives, pathologists, CT scan operators, radiographers)
*        Local authority staff working in key emergency planning roles;
*        Some Ministry of Defence personnel;

Tier 3 - keyworkers who may be needed if/when the crisis escalates (effectively second waiting list - clinical staff offered first)
*        Those in other NHS/private care roles who will not be called upon to assist in coronavirus cases - e.g. care home staff, researchers, private pharmacists, OT, NHS administrators, other medical specialities etc.
*        Social workers;
*        Those involved with the supply chain for supermarkets and pharmacies (i.e. supermarket delivery drivers and those in supporting logistics roles)
*        Those working for in key transport roles (train drivers, bus drivers)
*        Prison officers and some other prison staff or involved in judicial system;
*        Those working in care homes or in meals on wheels;
*        Community police officers;
*        Probation service staff.

Tier 4 - not able to offer a place
*        Those involved in the water industry - delivery or maintenance;
*        ICT or telecoms workers in critical roles (please explain in e-mail);
*        Those employed in necessary government processes such as the payment of benefits.
*        Those involved in fuel or gas deliveries or maintenance;
*        Associated staff in support roles for transport services;
*        NHS medical students


Dear Parents and Carers,


As I am sure you are now aware, the Government has taken the decision to close schools from Monday 23rd March to all children with the following exceptions:


· Children of ‘key workers’ (awaiting clarification from the Department for Education)

· Children who are designated as vulnerable (those who have a social worker)

· Children who have Education and Health Care Plans


The clarification of exactly who the key workers are is still yet to be announced but this is expected later today.

The Local Authority expect this to cover the following but do stress that it is not yet a definitive list:


· Staff at any level working in the NHS system

· Staff who work in adult social care, care homes or care providers

· Staff who work within children’s social work and Early Help staff

· Teachers and school/education staff

· Emergency workers, delivery drivers


The aim of the closure is to drastically reduce the numbers of children in school to approximately 10% of the original roll and therefore we expect the published criteria regarding ‘key workers’ to be distinct.


We need to get an early indication of the number of pupils for whom we need to keep the school open for.


If you consider yourself to be a key worker without alternative child care and would like your child to attend school next week, please email the school office telling us the full name and year group of your child/children and your occupation. Please title your response ‘Key Worker’.


If your occupation fits into the ‘Key Worker’ category to be defined by the Government, hopefully later today, we will be in contact with you about arrangements for next week. The School will run normal hours, although we must stress that the work your child will do will be different from the norm.


Please provide the school with this information by 9:30am on Friday 20th March. We will be in direct contact with parents of vulnerable pupils to discuss arrangements for next week and we will also be issuing details of how pupils not in school will be continuing their education.


In addition, there will be postings and updates of all the information that we have on both the school website and twitter feed and we urge you to look here before contacting the school with any questions. We are running a skeleton staff and our admin team will be working from home for the foreseeable future. All phones will be re-directed to them.


It is a privilege that the Government has called upon schools to play their part in combating COVID 19. I know that with your support, we will be able to look back on this crisis and say that together we played our part.


Yours sincerely


Emma Bennett

Head of School


We would like to offer a very warm welcome to the Clyst Heath Nursery and Community Primary School website. This website is designed to give you the most up to date information that we have about our school including its opportunities and aspirations for your child.  
Our aim is to give you a useful insight into the type of school we have  developed at Clyst Heath, its aims, its staff, its curriculum, its organisation and activities.
We offer a committed and talented team of staff who are focussed on delivering a curriculum through high quality teaching, which is rich and diverse for all children in our care.  We want to be proud of the achievements of our children and to identify success in academic, social, cultural, physical and spiritual learning as they extend their knowledge and skills.
We firmly believe that an effective partnership between home and school is vital and communications between us should be open, honest and friendly in order that positive experiences may be gained.
We hope that you will take time to visit this site often in order to keep up to date with our progress and begin to experience for yourself the care and learning that take place at Clyst Heath Nursery and Community Primary School.
Clyst Heath Nursery and Community Primary School,
Royal Crescent,
01392 361415

School Ethos and Values

Clyst Heath has a strong inclusive learning ethos where we live out our school values in a happy and confident way. The school motto ‘Aim High, Achieve the Best’ is well known by our children and frequently demonstrated in day to day life and activity of the school. We believe that education at Clyst Heath is an experience that all children should enjoy to the full and our curriculum offer is broad and balanced in order that this is upheld.

Our school website will give you a good flavour of what you can expect at Clyst Heath but please do come and visit us in order than you can see and experience the ethos at first hand for yourself and your child.

My Example Please park considerately around our school when picking up and dropping off children. Thank you.

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