Writing at Clyst Heath


We aim to develop confident, fluent and enthusiastic writers. Writing is delivered through the ‘Talk for Writing’ structure alongside the teaching of spelling, grammar and punctuation. See the link below for more information

• Children follow the cycle of 'Imitation, Innovation and Invention' weeks to learn both fiction and non-fiction genres.

• A progression of grammar, sentence level and punctuation objectives are used to inform planning. We teach grammar and spelling using the 'No Nonsense Grammar' and No Nonsense Spelling' programmes.

• Our detailed marking celebrates success and provides children with their next steps. Children are expected to respond to teacher marking (we call this purple penning).

• Writing Progress assessments take place 3 times per year and are used to inform next step targets.

• Basic skills sessions take place each day to improve spelling, handwriting, punctuation and grammar.



At Clyst Heath, we teach children to write using the cursive font. We use the Jarman font and the Penpals Handwriting scheme. This will allow the children to start joining letters as soon as possible in the school.

Information about this approach to handwriting is available by accessing the resources below.