School Meals Menu 2019-2020

Dear Parents / Carers

School Meals

Following the launch of our new Menu from Fresha this week we are pleased to say that it is going down a treat with the children, however we would like to make an apology around the confusion of what is available for your child.

As you will appreciate, any changes do take a little time to embed and so for the first week of the launch we wanted to keep the options simple by offering the main meal or jacket potato option for all unless your child was already a vegetarian or had a specific dietary requirement.

Now that we have sampled the options and listened to feedback from the children and parents, all children are able to have a full choice of the menu.

Therefore, as from Monday the 13th of January, your child will have a choice of either a main meal, a vegetarian meal or a jacket potato with the topping of the day

As a reminder on Monday 13th of January we will be working from Week 3 on the menu.

Again, we apologise for any confusion that we have inadvertently caused.

Yours sincerely

Sue Hickman

Business Manager