Our School Library

Mr Dave Cole, School Librarian

Hello, I'm Dave Cole, new librarian at the school and a parent of two pupils here. I have followed in the footsteps of Sharma Spencer who many of you will remember with great affection from her two years as librarian with us. She has left us with a wonderful resource which I hope to develop further with the help of everyone in the school community. 


To assist me, I am pleased to have chosen the following ten pupil librarians who will be working in a rota to keep the library in good working order each day: Alice Cann, Lucy Cann, Anna Flint, Ashton Groves, Harriet Hargreaves, Ava Le-Leivre, Oliver Penberthy, Luci Rawlings, Jodie Smith and Carys Williams. Congratulations to them all! They were given some training on librarianship for both fiction and non-fiction books by Nicola Cowling of Devon Schools Library Service on 13th October, and they showed great enthusiasm and knowledge of books, including the tricky Dewey decimal classification. Apart from tidying and looking after our library with me, they will be our team of reading ambassadors, spreading their love of reading throughout the school and reporting back pupils' recommendations to me.


My plans for the library include a book exchange in November to bring some fresh reading matter into the school and the establishment of regular reading groups so that all can aim high and achieve the best in their reading. I'll also be going into some classes to read a little something at the end of the day and organising a few special events throughout the school year such as World Book Day in March to foster a greater interest in books. 


I look forward to working with staff, pupil librarians and all other pupils over time. I'm in school on Tuesdays, so please feel free to come and say hello! 

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