Music in Our School

We have an exciting and vibrant music curriculum at Clyst Heath!  

  • We have weekly music assemblies where children have the opportunity to perform in front of the school.
  • Children can access music lessons from peripatetic teachers: brass, recorder, guitar, piano and singing 
  • Classes take it in turns to perform a song in our weekly music assemblies
  • We practice whole school songs to be shared in assembly
  • Our choir take part in the annual 'Young Voices' event in Birmingham year as well as performing at school events and in the community. 


A message from Mrs. Jane Hepple (B.Ed Hons)

I am a fully qualified classroom teacher with over 20 years full time experience.  Music has always been a high priority in my life since I was a young child and I have vivid childhood memories of pleasure and excitement of learning and playing a number of musical instruments.  Singing also played a big part in my own school days and I am eternally grateful for all the musical opportunities I had when I was growing up and into my adult years.  I am grateful because if you are given musical opportunity early in life you never forget it as you get older.  Adults who can play an instrument and sing are without doubt happier and more complete human beings – musical expression is as old as human life and in my mind as important as breathing and talking!

The sharing of this passion for music with students over the years has given me the greatest rewards and happiness.  My enjoyment continues to flourish at Clyst Heath Primary School where there is a very healthy uptake of the private lessons on offer.  These lessons take place over the course of Monday and Tuesday  usually in the Community Room and mainly in school time.

The lessons are tailor made to suit the needs of your child – with the focus on igniting their flame of musical passion!  Working towards musical exams suits some pupils and a more relaxed approach suits others – it is always a flexible situation and dialogue between parents and myself is very welcome.

Please contact Jane Hepple via phone or text for details of lessons, prices and waiting lists.  Jane's mobile number is 07764 225523