Healthy Schools Plus Award


Healthy Schools Plus is a ground-breaking initiative to bring about healthier behaviour amongst children and young people in the South West.

South West Healthy Schools Plus is supporting local health and education partnerships to develop strategies which will achieve measurable improvements in health and wellbeing of children and young people.

The South West region has already been tremendously successful in implementing the National Healthy Schools Programme (NHSP) and demonstrating that schools fully recognise the impact that health has on behaviour, attainment and attendance. Clyst Heath School was awarded Healthy School Status in 2009, and in order to build upon the good practise we established with this award, we decided to embark on the Healthy School Plus Award and in 2011 were awarded Healthy School Plus - Enhanced Status.

South West Healthy Schools Plus is available to those schools that have achieved National Healthy School Status (NHSS) - giving them the opportunity to build upon a firm foundation and tackle some of the most pressing health issues. The impact of the Healthy School Plus programme is based on a whole-school approach to physical and emotional well-being focused on four core themes: Personal, Social & Health Education; Healthy Eating.


Physical Activity; and Emotional Health & Wellbeing.

The whole-school approach involves working with children and young people, parents, school staff and the whole school community to provide a solid foundation from which developments and improvement are embedded in a systematic way. These processes contribute to the physical and emotional development of all members of the school community.