Welcome to Chestnut Class

Mr Mark O'Dubháin welcomes you to Chestnut class, a class of Year 5 and Year 6 children.  Teaching and Learning is supported by Mrs Karen Cole, Mrs Kelly Conibear and Mrs Clare Breading.

In Chestnut class we ask questions and strive to find the answers. We show resilience by not giving up. We support each other and we aim to do our best in all that we do.

Learning in Chestnut Class

Our learning across the curriculum is centred on answering learning questions, which will involve children developing and improving new skills on a daily basis in order to answer them.

Along with developing each child's academic ability, we will also take care to develop their emotional and physical needs; allowing them to make sustained progress and fulfil their potential. Wherever possible, a cross-curricular approach to learning will be used in the class. This is to ensure children are able to make connections between other subjects and the world around them.

In Chestnut, we aim to provide a fun, safe and challenging environment.

Spring 2020: Investigators

Term Focus: Goals and Dreams/Healthy Me

School Values: Courage, Justice, Self-Discipline, Gratitude

Chestnut Class have an exciting term ahead!

This term we investigate water, rivers and The River Exe in particular.

How are rivers formed and what part do they play on our every day lives? What happens when we turn the tap or flush the toilet? Which wildlife relies on the river for its habitat? We'll learn about each section of a river from its souce to its mouth and everything in between! We plan to visit Exeter Quayside to  see how we have used the river over time. Why should be look after and protect our rivers for the future? How is water cleaned and reused? 

Our popular Science Fair will take place at the end of term when we hope to share our learning with our parents and carers!