Values in Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum is embedded with a strong ‘Values’ element throughout. We aim to prepare our children to be ‘Ready, Willing and Able in themselves, their school and their world’. There are a number of tools we use to support and embed this learning: The characteristics of effective learning characters, the ‘Jigsaw’ curriculum and our keystone values.

Throughout the school we have a selection of age appropriate characters, chosen by the children to help them remember the characteristics of an effective learner. We have a shared set of vocabulary for the ready characters (Paddington, Lego Batman, Mr Fox), the willing characters (Kipper, Wyld Style, Charlie Bucket) and the able characters (Percy, Sensei Wu, Matilda) this gives us a common ‘language of learning’ so we can talk about the kind of learning we are doing, and the type of learner we need to be within each challenge we face. Under pinning these are our keystone values ‘Gratitude, Self-discipline, Courage and Justice’. These are taught explicitly during our ‘Ready, Willing and Able time ‘and used implicitly in all that we do.

We have recently begun using the ‘Jigsaw’ curriculum, a mindful approach to PSHE. It complements our ‘Ready, Willing and Able’ work and is supporting the children to have the tools they need within themselves. Each year group has a different cuddly puzzle piece as a mascot, there are six ‘puzzles’ across the year ‘Being Me in My World’, ‘Celebrating Difference’, ’Dreams and Goals’,’ Healthy Me’, ‘Relationships’, ‘Changing Me’. Each one has a number of sessions know as ‘puzzle pieces’ These are brought together across the school with a shared assembly and celebration assembly each week.

 We believe that our Values element of our curriculum complements ‘Fundamental British Values’ (described by the Government as: Democracy; the rule of law; individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance). Respect for diversity is one of the core values of the United Nations and we have carefully designed a Curriculum which is rich in the UK’s global impact and reflects our diverse heritage. Our children are given the opportunity to explore the ‘United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’ in Europe and the wider world and, to understand the diversity of modern British life, our layered identities and shared histories.