Welcome to Elm Class

Miss Chloe Campbell warmly welcomes you to Elm Class, a class of Year 3 and Year 4 children.  She works closely with the Year 3/4 team of teaching assistants to support learners across the entire domain:  Miss Laura Bibby, Mrs. Karen Cole and Mrs. Kelly Conibear.


Learning in Elm Class

We endeavour to provide a broad curriculum that is relevant, engaging and fun.  Wherever possible, a cross-curricular approach to learning will be used in class. This is to ensure that children are able to make connections between other subjects and the world around them. In order to do this, we facilitate discussions around questions, explicitly teaching, modelling and practising the following skills:

* Being a good listener

* Communicating clearly

* Justifying opinions

* Questioning assumptions

* Thinking hypothetically

Our focus on the Characteristics of an Effective Learner encourage the children to be ‘Ready Willing and Able’ for the challenges of learning.  We explicitly teach and reward these competencies throughout all learning contexts, to establish and embed the essential skills required to become lifelong learners.

Our PE afternoon is THURSDAY - please ensure children have their kit in school.

Homework is set on FRIDAY and is due in the following THURSDAY.

We value a close home-school partnership, so please feel free to contact Miss Murphy or any of the teaching assistants to discuss, share and celebrate your child’s on-going progress.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Autumn 2019: Time Travellers

Term Focus: Being Me in My World/Celebrating Difference

School Values: Courage, Justice, Self-Discipline, Gratitude


Another exciting term in Years 3 and 4 begins! 

This term we will be learning about the Romans and their impact on the city of Exeter. We hope to be taking the children on a Redcoat tour of the city to explore the mysteries of Exeter’s Roman past.

In science we will be studying electricity and the role it plays in our everyday lives. We will be learning about simple circuits and switches and discover which materials make good conductors and insulators. We will also learn about electrical safety at home.

The end of term will see our annual Talent Show takes place which promises to be an enjoyable and memorable event.